The Swamp


“Oh yes. I’ve been to the Swamp. I lost my left hand there. We were making our way down one of the water ways and this great yellow bug landed on my hand. It stung me, which don’t describe the half of what it did. Felt like my blood was on fire and my fingers swelled up like bloody black sausages. Our guide knew what to do, she kicked my legs out from under me and WHAM! Cut my whole damn hand off with her hatchet. Then she started cutting it to pieces. Said more of those damn bugs were growing inside it.”
Trell Morin, One Handed Merchant in an Ilcyri Tavern

An estimated million square miles of mostly unexplored wetland, filled with rare woods, precious metals, and a thousand thousand magical reagents. It is a dangerous and unforgiving land where fortunes can be won and lost around every river bend.

The weather is violent and unpredictable, the denizens are secretive, and most monsters have a taste for the flesh of the common races. Uncounted explorers, merchants, settlements, and expeditions have been lost, never to be seen or heard from again.

Settlements of the Swamp


Ironwater Fen

Unique Flora & Fauna

Blade Moth Swarm

The Swamp

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