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  • Curio

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/225136/Curio.jpeg(Curio)! Curio is a mid sized town in Antiquity. It serves as a rail-line stop over and a shipping center for western Antiquity. It is two days train travel west of [[Reliquary City]]. h3. * …

  • Antiquity

    h3. *Land of Relics, Ruins, and Stolen Children* p. * *Capital City -* [[Reliquary City]] * *Largest City -* * *Official Language -* [[Languages of the World|Antique]] p. h4. *History* p. h4. *Government of Antiquity* The …

  • Reliquary City

    The Capital of Antiquity and the only city in Morrath that is entirely composed of re-purposed Precursor buildings. Reliquary City is a thriving center of trade, invention, and education. Home to the greatest universities in the known world people from …

  • Parcel

    [[File:662225 | class=media-item-align-none | tumblr_njivrhvXcp1r3080to1_1280.jpg]] Parcel is a small town, slowly dying since the rail line removed any reason for travelers to visit. h3. *Important Locations* p. h4. *The Horse Store*