Caste System of Urdan

The Immortal Empire of the Eternal Sun is a caste based theocratic state that exists to venerate their capricious and cruel false gods. There are four castes in the Immortal Empire.

The highest caste, the Abeeso, are Serpentfolk. The Abeeso are the kings, priests, and generals of the Immortal Empire. The are looked upon as divine beings, the closest a mortal can be to divinity. The Serpentfolk are said to be the final reincarnation of the faithful before they become one with their Gods.

After the Abeeso caste is the Nyoka caste. The Nyoka are Nagaji and viewed as lesser divine beings. The Nyoka are soldiers, slave masters, and guardians of holy sites. The Nagaji are said to be the second reincarnation of the faithful.

After the Nyoka caste is the Socon caste. The Socon are Vishkanya. They are said to be the the first reincarnation of the faithful and many slaves hope to be reborn as Vishkanya. The Socon are soldiers, engineers, merchants, and scribes. Despite their low caste many Vishkanya find their way into positions of importance.

The final and lowest caste is the Kif. The Kif is any and all other races. The exist only to toil, venerate, and fear the Gods and their divine servants. Although the Kif caste greatly outnumbers all of the other castes combined they are kept in check by fear and religion. They obey their ophidian masters in hopes to be reborn as a higher caste and to avoid the savage oppression that is visited upon those who rebel.

Caste System of Urdan

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