Custom Campaign Feats

Precision Thrower

When throwing a splash weapon at large targets your careful aim maximizes the amount that hits them.

Prerequisite: Throw Anything, +3 Base Attack Bonus, Weapon Focus (Any splash weapon)

Benefit:When you hit a Large sized or larger target with a splash weapon they take the direct hit damage as normal in addition they take the indirect damage for each affected square that they occupy.

Alchemist’s Expertise

Long hours of slinging bombs has honed your throwing skills with all splash weapons.

Prerequisite: Alchemist Level 6, Any two Bomb Discoveries

Benefit: When you throw a splash weapon you add extra damage as if you had used one of your Alchemist Bombs.

Blade Dance Style

Prerequisites: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Dodge, Mobility, STR 15, DEX 15, BAB +8

Benefit: You can move 5 feet after each successful cleave. You may make a number of these moves equal to your dexterity modifer. You may only make one of these per successful cleave attack. This movement provokes AOOs as normal movement.

Custom Campaign Feats

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