House Malocchio

The latest victim of the constant infighting and backstabbing found on the Argent River, this once-respected family has been reduced to smoldering rubble. All that remain of this shattered bloodline are the four sons of Nikolas. Forced off their own land with little money and fewer friends, the four men have already been forgotten by most social circles.

Family Members of House Malocchio

Nikolas Malocchio: The only child of Georgios and Angnes Malocchio, Nikolas inherited the family vineyard. A somewhat stern and reserved man, Nikolas rebuked the traditions of his heritage. Rather than undercutting his competition, Nikolas believed that hard work and dedication were the keys to success, and would often lecture his children on these virtues. Nikolas spent many years honing in the art and science of viniculture, and found ways to make the family methods his own.


Andronikos Malocchio: The eldest of the Malocchio sons, Nikolas often looked to Andronikos to help care for the rest of the family. As a small child, Andronikos revered his father and tried to learn everything he could about the business that he expected to one day take over. As Andronikos entered his teen years, his relationship with his father became strained. Eventually, he and his father found themselves on opposing sides of most every issue. This was especially true regarding their last argument over whether to stay or sell. Andronikos and his father spent almost every night of their last week together arguing into the wee hours of the night. Each man loved his family intensely and each man wanted to help his family avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Andronikos took his father’s death the hardest. A once gregarious and lively individual, Andronikos spent most of the three weeks following his father’s death alone. When he interacted with others, his positive and loving nature seemed more like a mask than a genuine personality. His old personality has only recently started to emerge.

Leandro Malocchio:

Atychos Malocchio:

Family History

(I don’t know when this is taking place)

Some Time Ago: [influencial house] offered Nikolas a large sum of money for the last remaining plot of Malocchio land. Nikolas refused him

A few months later: The Malocchio vineyard was destroyed; trellises lay broken with grapevines bleeding beneath, the soil seemed to be devoid of fertility, and House Malocchio seemed ruined.

The next day: Surprisingly, some of the crop survived. While not enough to flourish, there was a chance the Malocchio family could survive if they lived carefully

One week later: The family awoke in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke. The fields were burning. In a foolish attempt to save his crops, Nikolas burned to death.

Three days later: [Influential House] returned with a new offer: 400gp for immediate ownership of the land. The four remaining members of House Malocchio begrudgingly accepted.

House Malocchio

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