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The City of Montrose is a Free Hold and currently unclaimed by any of the Great Houses. It’s position in the northern reach of the Argent River makes it one of the first stops for goods flowing south from the Fundament of Ozar.

The city is a sprawling expanse that has spread through three main islands and more then a dozen smaller islands.

Main Islands



Main Islands


Split by cartographers into three main sections, Invidia is simultaneously the safest and most dangerous island for merchants and consumers.

The center (and safest part) of the island contains the Montrose Port Authority as well as most of the city’s banks and storehouses. It is also home to many luxurious inns where well-off merchants rest easily.

[Main street] runs from the center of the town to Tramonto Harbor, and is guarded fiercely by a well-regimented highway guard funded by the Great Houses as well as a hefty toll. It is so safe that the Highway Guard offers generous insurance programs for all trade goods traveling down the road. However, these contracts are void once the goods leave [Main Street].

Many naive merchants attempt to skirt this toll by taking the side streets. This rarely ends well. The ring of streets immediately surrounding [main street] are the most dangerous paths for merchants to traverse. Gangs prowl these streets for the stingy and foolhardy merchants. It is a common belief that many of these gangs are run by lesser members of the Great Houses in order to promote highway income (as well as provide a source of untaxable income). There has been no evidence to corroborate these claims.

The exterior ring of Invidia is dotted mostly with housing for middle-and-lower-income dockworkers. There are a few dingy (and mostly safe) inns for the weary (but only slightly) wary traveler. The further from the docks one travels, the lower the rent becomes. Crime is relatively low, but that is mostly because there is not much of interest for anyone to desire in this part of the city.

Tramonto harbor, located on the western side of the island, is the oldest and largest harbor in Montrose. Over one third of all trade in the city happens here.


The island of Gullia is often considered the island that clothes the world…. as long as you can afford it. Many of the finest fabrics, silks and other luxury textiles are produced here. The textile mills here also function as the main source of employment for the many peasants that live on the Islands.


A popular Vacation home for dignitaries, celebrities, and the rest of the morally corrupt. Lussuria accommodates most every desire one could imagine, and even some best not. From the fashion defining artisan sops and world renowned tailors, to the Torvina hot springs, and a bevy of the finest restaurants money can buy. Lussuria’s red light district called the Sirens den requires one to swear an oath of silence as to the pleasures one has experienced here. Naturally no one adheres to this oath as many of the people who visit ask for the Courtesans by name.

Other islands of note:

Neroccia Isle: a small and lifeless island, Neroccia once held a mine with a small vein of onyx that has since been tapped completely. Stripped of all its resorces, the barren island sits alone in the sea. Children of Montrose love to spread the story of ghosts of fallen miners that appear in the mists on the shores of Neroccia every full moon.

[Sterratamonte?] an island with rich soil and blanketed by sunlight, it is home to one of the most revered vineyards in Ilcyren (and by extension the world).


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