The Chronicler

Ignorance is a poison, it weakens the mind and body, it destroys civilizations, and condemns the mortal races to eventual extinction. Only by striving for Knowledge can the mortal races lift themselves up and safeguard their future. Vrynn, The Chronicler, is the guiding force of learning, she is the source of curiosity and of caution.


Favored Weapon

  • Pistol

Church of The Chronicler

Churches of Vrynn appear more as schools, libraries, or universities rather then traditional churches. Every member of the clergy is a scholar as well as a priest or cleric. Advancement through the ranks of the church is as dependent on your academic pursuits as your piety.

The Vrynnic church universally educates all children as long as their parents send their children four days out of each week for school and one day each week for religious services. The church requires that adults that need their services bring new knowledge in to the church. Still they are not without mercy and if the need is great they will aid without demanding knowledge.

Titles in the Vrynnic Church are descriptive, they give the religious and scholarly rank of the clergy. The title is given as religious title, name, and then scholarly title and its subject.

Vrynnic Religious Titles

Only one religious title can be held by a person. A Patriarch or Matriarch is the head of a region or nation’s churches. Their is only one Holy Father or Mother at a time and they are the leader of the entire church.

  • Initiate
  • Novice
  • Acolyte
  • Priest / Priestess
  • Patriarch / Matriarch
  • Holy Father / Holy Mother

Vrynnic Scholarly Titles

Each scholarly title is in reference to the subject of study (e.g. Pupil in Astronomy, Student of Alchemy). Multiple scholarly titles can be held by one person.

  • Pupil in
  • Student of
  • Dedicated to
  • Instructor of
  • Sage of

The Chronicler

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