The Gleeman

The Legend of the Gleeman

They say the Gleeman walked the surface for a month before he came to Orivan. No one knows how he survived. He came down the main ramp, playing a flute as he he walked out of the Arcane Tempest. He wore a cloak, silver white on the outside but a riot of colored strips of cloth within. He killed his first victim right there. A man went to him, to see if he was all right and the Gleeman killed him. He hit him so hard the man’s skull was crushed, he died instantly. He was the last of the Gleeman’s victim’s to die mercifully.

For six weeks the Gleeman stalked Canyon City Orivan, he killed without pattern, he killed on every ring of the city, and he killed without any warning. No one could find him, no one could stop him. When the constabulary couldn’t find him or stop him the City Council commanded the School of the Living Storm to find and kill the Gleeman.

Six Master Wizards set out to stop the Gleeman. Over the next two weeks six Master Wizards died in the most horrific of all the Gleeman’s murders. And then the Gleeman disappeared.

His story has been told and retold in Orivan for fifty years. Numerous plays and books have been written about him. Most end not with a disappearance but the triumphal capture or death of the Gleeman.

The Truth behind the Legend

A traveling bard named Hanlon became the Gleeman after he was wracked by the energies of the Arcane Tempest. Driven mad by his exposure he lashed out at anyone he encountered. The same energies that drove him mad bolstered Hanlon, they made him faster and stronger then a man should be and they sustained him for a time.

In the end Hanlon died in an unknown alley on the first ring of the city. When his malnourished body was found no one made the connection between the wretch before them and the terror that was the Gleeman. Hanlon was buried in an unmarked grave with no one knowing or caring who he was.

Fifty years later Yahu-Hazi raised Hanlon’s spirit as a Remanent and bound him as he had Prince Tahir. He commanded Hanlon to kill his pursuers and then lured his enemies into a trap. Unfortunately for Yahu-Hazi his Binding was designed for Djinn and could not control Hanlon completely.

With in his limits Hanlon tried to reach out to the enemies of Yahu-Hazi. Fortunately Moraine Celeshul realized that something other than murderous rage was guiding the Gleeman and made peaceful contact with him by using the power of her music.

While the Gleeman played along to Moraine’s music she and her companions, Mordechai and Edward Kan, were able to talk with Hanlon. They discovered the way to put him to rest and end his servitude to Yahu-Hazi. Calling in every favor they had, and a few they didn’t, they were able to get Hanlon reburried and remembered by the entire city of Orivan.

In gratitude Hanlon’s spirit manifested and granted a boon to Moraine and Mordechai.

The Gleeman

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