The Gods

Primal Gods

Before the Cataclysm there were many more Gods then there are in the world today. Most of these ancient deities burned with the Precursors. A small few survived, barely, until they were rediscovered by the PLACEHOLDERs.

God of the Struggle
God of the Spiral
The Beast God
God of the Other

The New Gods

When the fires and horrors of the Cataclysm finally receded those that had survived it were nearly killed by the desolation that was the new world. They were saved from extinction when they were discovered by New Gods, ones that had not existed before the Cataclysm.

Azreal, The Architect: Goddess of Society and Civilization
Sessian, The Muse: Goddess of Inspiration
Mular, The Primarch: Goddess of Magic
Vryn, The Chronicler: Goddess of Knowledge and Foresight
Ozar, The Tyrant: God of Unrelenting Order
Iziz, The Talisman: God of Protection
Mortem, The Reprisal: God of Retribution and Revenge
Garon, The Provider: God of Agriculture and Economics

The Gods

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