The Muse

Before a new spell is created, before a revolutionary arch is constructed an idea must be conceived. That initial spark, the ember that can become a blaze. This spark is kindled by Sessian, The Muse. She grants the idea and lets that guide the recipient as they choose. Not every bit of inspiration she bestows leads to pleasant use. The iron maiden grew from her guiding hand just as did the printing press.


Favored Weapon

  • Shortsword

Church of The Muse

There are only two titles for the servants of Sessian. Preceptor and High Preceptor. The mortal leader of the Church carries the title of High Preceptor, every other member of the clergy is titled Preceptor.

The Sessianite church is not interested in money beyond what they need to maintain their churches and museums. If an Sessianite Preceptor has it with in their ability to aid someone in need they do so, unless their care would cause the suffering of another or aid an enemy of the church.

Sessianite churches are decorated with a wide variety of art and examples of applied inspiration. You may find a novel on the same shelf as a precision gear winch and a pair of expandable manacles. All that has been inspired has a place in Her churches.

The church does not act as a patron, it expects that if a person has been given Inspiration from the Goddess that they should sacrifice to bring that Inspiration to life. Your health, wealth, and loved ones are a small price to pay to Create.

The Muse

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