The Reprisal

When the unjustly imprisoned man prays for freedom, Mortem ignores his pleas. When a young girl prays that the lover who spurned her has their life crumble into ruin, Mortem gathers the anger and venom and gives it power. The plight of the downtrodden doesn’t interest Mortem. The anger and hate they feel towards their oppressors calls to Mortem like a sounding horn.

Mortem teaches that true revenge is as a wine and to achieve it you must be as a vintner. If you rush, if you do not take care in choosing your tools, then you will be left with vinegar.


Favored Weapon

  • Stiletto

Church of The Reprisal

The Church of The Reprisal is divided by which aspect of Mortem they focus their worship upon. Any given church will either focus on the Aspect of Retribution or the Aspect of Revenge.

Those who focus on the Aspect of Retribution look outward in their search for the wronged. They are the people that see a small town ruined by a new rail line and take it upon themselves to destroy the railyard. They do not believe that they should take revenge for personal slights, they believe that Mortem shall strike back for them if he is pleased by their actions. These worshipers are called Retributionists.

Those who focus on the Aspect of Revenge are the counter point of the Retributionists. They believe that it is each person’s mandate to take action when they are wronged. They believe that anyone who doesn’t stand for themselves is asking to be taken for a fool and deserves what they are given. These worshipers are called Vindicators.

Both branches of the Church of The Reprisal are very ritualized and profoundly formal.

Mortemic Religious Titles

  • Deacon
  • Priest / Priestess
  • Bishop
  • Archbishop
  • Cardinal
  • Pontifex

The Reprisal

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