The Talisman

The multiverse is as a vast, untamed wilderness. Filled with great powers, terrible beings, horrific curses, and creatures of terrible appetites. Without the vigilance of Aziz, The Talisman, the mortal races would surely have been scoured from existence. He is made manifest in the bonds of loyalty between soldiers, the strength that lets a mother lift a wagon off her child, the endurance that allows the outrunning of hungry wolves, and in the strength of steel.


Favored Weapon

  • Longspear

Church of The Talisman

Temples of Aziz are first and foremost defensive structures, fortresses, citadels, and garrisons. It is not uncommon for these temples to only have a small shrine room, usually located deep inside the building.

It times of danger the churches of Aziz offer shelter to the populace within their walls. During these crisis the church will outfit and accept any who wish to stand with them in defense of the people.

The clergy of Aziz is primarily militant, the Talismanic church has the highest ratio of soldiers and Paladins to more traditional clergy of all of the churches of the New Gods.

Talismanic Religious Titles

  • Aspirant
  • Sworn Spear
  • Shield Brother / Sister
  • Sentinel
  • Archon
  • Warden of the Adamantine Tower

The Talisman

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