Land of Storms, Canyons, and Mutants

“You mind yourself in Kithrind, boy. Those people are as hard as the land they live in. They have to be to survive. Can you imagine living in the ground like a rodent, never seeing the sun? And you never know what horrors the Arcane Tempest is going to unleash. The only time I was foolish enough to travel there I saw a thunder crack crash to the ground and set the earth to rolling like the ocean. Only the insane would want to life there.”
Letter fragment recovered from remains of a caravan destroyed by the Arcane Tempest

The Commonwealth of Kithrind

To those that study the arcane arts, knowledge is power and there is no greater source of magical knowledge than the Arcane Tempest. Strange to behold and unpredictable, the Arcane Tempest ravages the lands of Kithrind constantly. To escape this all of the cities and smaller settlements in Kithrind are located inside the valleys and canyons that crisscross the nation.

The energies of the Arcane Tempest make magic unpredictable on the surface. Spells of teleportation, communication, and summoning are so wildly affected as to be completely useless. Communication between cities is still done entirely by messenger.

Settlements of Kithrind

Canyon City Orivan




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