The Provider

While Azreal built the community, Garon restored the blasted lands of Morrath, making green again what had been turned to ash and rock by the Cataclysm. When the mortal races began to recover and grow past their simple needs Garon once again provided them with the tools to continue prospering.


Favored Weapon

  • Scythe

The Church of the Provider

There are many necessities for a prosperous life and the Church of the Provider is instrumental in these matters. The Church is deeply involved in commerce in all the nations of Morrath. The greatest work of the Economic branch of the church is their universal coinage. The church mints all the currency for the nations of Morrath.

The many interests of the Church of the Provider are all funneled in to one of two Sects. The Pecuniary Synod which oversees all directly economic activities with which the Church is involved. And the Agronomy Lyceum which guides the entirety of the Church’s food production, distribution, and preservation activities across all of Morrath.

The Provider

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